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Last summer we took Little M to the Scottish Highlands (my homeland and a place i absolutely love!)

She was just 3 and happily investigated but naturally a whole day of exploring is tiring, even for bigger legs!

We were active almost every day of our weeks holiday, ascending the Glens and exploring the Isle of Skye. LOTS of walking and climbing. Little M impressed us both so much with her stamina, that we were only too happy to give her a rest in the sling when she asked for it.

I had to wrap at the top of a teetering hilltop on one occasion!

We took a toddler Connecta and one of our Little Frog size 6 wraps, (a choice of space saving balanced with the most comfort) and used both for front and back carries.

We flew to Inverness and the sling was fantastic in the airport as Little M fell asleep just as we landed.


This year we went to the Algarve for 10 days. Little M being a year older made me contemplate not taking a sling at all, but being based in a villa with our relatives meant there was some walking to be done to reach the amenties, so we sought out this toddler Izmi Breeze and it was a god send!

Particularly during one excursion to the Ponte de Piedade, exploring the caves and cliffs were no place for a stroller, and having Little M attached to me when there was such a sheer drop at the edge made me happy to explore safely and also she didnt miss out on the wonderful views and interesting things to see and touch.

I can't imagine holidaying without a sling, especially now as extended in arm's carrying can be exhausting and good support and weight distribution is essential.

We hope you enjoyed your summer!



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