Festive family time..

Christmas and New Year is full of busy trips and outings with family. We took a trip to see Father Christmas and spent lots of time visiting friends and family.

Little M didn't spend much time in a sling but her new cousin enjoyed time in his Ergobaby 360 lots and even a slingy cuddle with Grandpa on Christmas day!

A new baby in the family when you have older children can be very full on but a sling leaves your hands free to interact and enjoy your older one while keeping your new baby close.

Other family members can use the sling to provide that similar closeness and reassurance if mum or dad needs to be doing other things.

The business of the whole period definitely had an effect on Little M. All the excitement and the consistent presence of Papabear meant she was quite beside herself a lot of the time. Like most of you im sure, we apprciated the return to normality. Mummacat and Little M sling walks still feature highly on our activity list.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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