I always knew I wanted to carry from birth and had prepared myself with a couple of stretchy wraps on the recommendation of a good friend.


Unfortunately even though we carried from 2 days old, severe silent reflux meant the Little M was very unsettled and she preferred to be in our arms. Little did i know i could have used the wraps in a way that may have help her discomfort, having no local sling library in our town.

After a less than easy family holiday carrying her everywhere (she refused the pushchair), we bought an Ergo 360, based on her preference to face out. Luckily this eased her into being carried and now she loves most slings and we have become confident in many different carries that are comfortable for both of us.

My interest in all the different slings out there was based on prettiness and comfort, as well as practicality, so hopefully you will enjoy the vast array of carriers we have chosen. 

Having recently trained with Slingababy I am now a qualified Sling Consultant, which has revived my passion for the sling world now that Little M is a little older. 


Big Spoon Little Spoon is an online postal sling library run by Sling Consultant Kirsty MacKenzie Hill.

Our stock consists of over 90 different slings and 40 different manufacturers. 

I have been running the Big Spoon Little Spoon postal sling hire for almost 4 years and running our local library sessions for 3 and half years.

I recently trained as a Sling Consultant with Slingababy and have carried my own 4 year old daughter since birth, and continue to do so now.

My background is varied but I originally trained in Childcare and Education and have worked for our local baby product manufacturer for over 6 years.

At the same time as running Big Spoon Little Spoon I co-ordinate our local cloth nappy library branch and offer local mother support in breastfeeding.

My Goals

I have met some wonderful families and carrying enthusiasts on my journey with Big Spoon Little Spoon. Starting out as a Peer Supporter and then moving on to train as a Carrying Consultant hs allowed me to extend my help even further and into more specific areas. No problem or issue too small or too big. I love to help.

I hope to take the business further into providing other sling related services, watch this space!


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